I first begun stop-motion animating during my Fine Arts Degree at Curtin University and instantly fell in love with the art form. I have worked with numerous forms of stop motion animation including silhouette paper cut out animation, puppet animation, human scale animation, digital 2d animation, hand drawn animation, digital 3d animation and paper cut out animation.
I have created many short films, the most prominent of which was ‘The Presence in the Absence’ an 8 minute long short puppet stop motion film created over a 6 month period. ‘The Presence in the Absence’ won me a spot in the Australian National Graduate Exhibition ‘Hatched’, held at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts.  ‘The Presence in the Absence’ was purchased by the Curtin University Art Collection the same year.

I'm currently working on an FTI Funded short film titled 'Leave's Don't Grow on Tree's'. 
Although this project is large scale, I'm always looking for my next project, short film, music video or otherwise. If you have any questions, comments or if you're chasing a commissioned stop motion video get in contact via the contact page.